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We Lay the Foundation - You Build the Empire.

We are a family-run business based in the Seattle Area and serving clients locally and all over the world. 
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We are dedicated to providing our client's with a financial experience that leaves them confident. We have been serving our community and beyond to build stronger business foundations by giving you the data and the tools to keep growing and scaling. 

Our goal is to provide you with a partnership. We will work together to create a custom strategy for financial success, expert tax planning, and accounting systems tailored to you based on up-to-date research and technology, extensive industry insight, and your perspective and goals at the forefront.

A Little About Us

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Chet Syverson is the Co-founder and Tax Director of Curated Accounting. Taking Masters in Taxation courses from the #1 tax program in the country, Chet specializes in making sure that his clients are always paying the least amount in taxes as possible. Further, his background in Banking, Sales, Venture Capital Firms, Public Accounting, and as an Outsourced CFO, gives him a unique perspective to help individuals and business owners achieve their goals. 


"In my previous roles, I saw a large gap between the financial services that are being offered and the financial services that people actually need & want. That gap is what fueled my passion to start Curated Accounting. I wanted to ensure that clients would be able to get the same advice from me that I would give my friends and family. This is why we make Authenticity a cornerstone of our values at Curated Accounting.


Further, I realized that many financial services are aimed at putting people in a Box based on certain metrics. What I learned was that you can use that data as a starting point, but financial services have to be curated to each individuals needs and preferences. Every business owner and individual that I meet has some unique aspect to their situation, so Curated Accounting was created with that in mind, to recognize and curate our services to fit each individuals specific needs."


Outside of his role at Curated Accounting, Chet spends most of his time with his two boys, Henry and Brady. Having grown up in the small town of Soldotna Alaska (before you ask, no I do not live in an Igloo - Chet"), Chet likes to get up to Alaska to spend time with his family. A lifelong Lakers fan, Chet enjoys watching basketball and being involved in sports. Even as a Laker fan, Chet thinks it's far over due for Seattle to bring an NBA team back to the area. 

Chet Syverson, CPA

Co-Founder + Tax Director

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As Co-Founder and Accounting Director, Kelley is all about the details. She works closely with our clients to make sure information and data is accurate and up-to-date every month.


  Kelley started her journey in the accounting world doing bookkeeping for her family's Successful Stamp and Coin business over 15 years ago where she learned the fundamentals of not only accounting, but running a business. Since then, she has continued her passion for working with small businesses and has successfully served countless clients in various industries, sizes, and complexities all over the country.


"I have an equally analytical and creative mind and a love for collaboration. This combination is what has given me a unique and fulfilling platform to partner with business owners of all kinds to come up with creative and data-driven solutions to grow their business.


One of the things I enjoy most about our firm is, and I feel that sets us apart, is our client relationships. Our company is built on communication and transparency. We work tirelessly to provide accurate data you can count on and give you tailored strategies and planning to give you confidence in your finances."

When not in the office, Kelley can be found out hiking, playing basketball or soccer with her boys, Henry and Brady, reading as many books as she can with 2 kids, or trying the latest craft and DIY trends for the home!

Kelley Syverson

Co-Founder + Accounting Director

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