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We offer our clients a partnership and believe it's important you know what to expect and how we work hard to serve you.
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1. Schedule an Introductory Call

  • We're here to help, and we want to make sure that we're the best fit for you! Book an initial consult with us and we will listen to your needs and create a custom strategy to cover your business needs.

2. Tax & Financial Diagnostic

  • Collect Information - We collect data from you to help us understand what your making vs. what your spending, what assets you have, we review your previous tax filings and financial information.

  • Analyze the Data - We review your situation to determine how you're doing relative to your goals and priorities. We run through our Tax Optimization Process to ensure that we've identified every deduction, credit, and tax strategy that is applicable to your situation. 

  •  Diagnostic Report - We provide you with a list of recommendations that will help you achieve your goals, save money on taxes, and that will give you more financial peace of mind. 

3. Implementation & Action Plan

  • Action Plan - from the recommendations from our Diagnostic Process, we create a plan of actionable steps that need to happen. Example: You should setup an LLC and a business bank account. We'll then help you convert your entity to an S Corporation so that you can save money on taxes. 

4. Ongoing Support & Maintenance

  • Ongoing Support Package - Based on our recommendations from the Diagnostic Process, we'll determine the level of support you need on an ongoing basis and the frequency that we'll be checking in. At a minimum, we're checking in with clients at least once per year for a tax planning meeting to make sure that you are in the best position to pay the least amount in taxes possible. 

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